The Izapa Temple Center

Izapa Stela

Chapters 1-5: The Izapa Temple Center is at the precise latitude where the zenith sun passages measure 260 days (9 months). This is  the human gestation time before the birth of a baby–the summum bonum supreme creation on earth. Ancient astronomers (ca. 1500 BC Olmec Mother Civilization) followed the sun cycle which led them to Izapa, in southern Mexico where the zenith sun passage occurs on August 13 and April 30–with 260 days counted from the first to the second of these dates. By this ancient astronomy Izapa is forever linked to the divine creation cosmos.This began the Mesoamerican Calendar Round.

A new group (ca. 500 BC) of ancient religious astronomers settled at the abandoned Izapa site and continued observing the sun, moon and star rise cycles on the eastern horizon to encode their sacred ritual calendar. They inscribed astronomical records on stone monuments at Izapa to portray the creation of the earth and the sacred creation of a child as a gift from the heavenly creator gods.  Izapa Stela 10 (below left) shows a baby in the upper clouds descending to its mother reclining by a Tree of Life. Izapa Stela 5 Tree of Life monument (below right) has a tree in the center with a female goddess on the left and a male god on the right and a family seated on the base panel on either side of the tree that has 12 roots (See: NWAF IZAPA SCULPTURE PROJECT page).

Drawing of the Stela
Izapa Stela

In 1973, Geographer Vincent Malmström observed that Izapa, located at 14.8° North latitude, marks the sun’s zenith passage on August 13th and April 30th, which measures the sacred 260-day cycle. From it’s inception at Izapa (ca. 1500 BC) it spread throughout Mesoamerica and to North and South America.

Izapa location

Izapa, Mexico Temple - 14.8º North Latitude Zenith Sun Passages for measuring 260-days began with: Olmec- - - -Izapa - - - Maya 1500 BC- - -500 BC- - -200 AD Temple (Latin): "A place set apart where the heavens can be observed" -- Izapa, Mexico, and Nazca, Peru -100 BC.14.8º North & South Latitudes = 260 day count Archaeologist, Archaeo-astronomer V. Garth Norman

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V. Garth Norman

Izapa Temple Center, Southern Mexico near the Pacific Coast is the birthplace of the Maya 260 Day Sacred Calendar. Ancient astronomers, mathmeticians, and builders created this unique Temple Center. Popol Vuh correlations exist with monuments there including Stela 25. Izapa’s Tree of Life Stela 5 is famous. Izapa is located at 14.8 degrees North Latitude where the Sun Zenith Passage occurs on August 13 and April 30 marking 260 days (9 month human gestation cycle). Izapa (ca. 1500 and 600 BC datings) is related to Nazca, Peru located at 14.8 degrees South Latitude (ca. 100 BC). Ancient Pacific shipping vessels transported Izapa’s astronomy, calendar, standard measure and cosmology to Nazca. The 260 Day Calendar markings can be found in numerous Central, North and South American sites. . .all which date after Izapa’s time–suggesting that Izapa was indeed the origin of this 260-day Calendar

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