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Archaeologist V. Garth Norman (2nd from Right) under the Izapa Visitor Center sign with friends (L-R) Sergio Navas, Rodolfo Juan Flores, Alberto Lopez Morales,  Garth Norman, Dr. Jason Jones (June 30, 2018).

Izapa Visitor Center – Outside East Wall: with mural artist Israel Ramos, Owner & Proprietor Antonio D’amiano Atristain and wife Mirna.

Israel Ramos’s paintings inside on three walls of the Izapa Visitor Center. 2016.

The Babylonian and Egyptian cubits were first discovered in 1983 by archaeologist V. Garth Norman to be the measurements of the antiquities at the Izapa Temple Center in Southern Mexico. Norman subsequently found that these measurements were used to measure art and architecture of the antiquities throughout Mesoamerica.

Main Room:  Silvestre Ramirez is giving a Guided Tour of the Izapa Visitor Center to school children and their teachers from a nearby Elementary School in Tuxtla Chico, Mexico.

Izapa Stela 5 “Tree of Life” monument is the “Rosetta Stone” of Mesoamerica. Visitors mingle in two rooms of the Visitor Center. 2017.

Replica of Izapa, Mexico Temple Center’s Stela 5 “Tree of Life Monument” created by V. Garth Norman with the detail from his 1965 photos and Dr. Jason Jones 2012 RTI photos of this monument.

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