CUBIT CONNECTION in Ancient World Migrations. Evidences of ancient trans-oceanic migrations have been circumstantial until now in the absence of non-arbitrary intellectual data. Archaeologist V. Garth Norman has traveled world-wide since the 1980’s compiling a mountain of data revealing the transport of ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian standard measures from the third millennium B.C.E. by land and sea to the Americas, Asia, and China that prevailed in Mesoamerica and Peru for nearly three millennia. Measures were being used to compose geometric design formats for both architecture and art in the same way in both the Old and New Worlds. 160 pages, 240 photos (primarily in color), 12 tables, Bibliography. www.amazon.com

“Garth Norman’s discovery of a massive calendar observatory system with astronomical alignments of mounds and monuments convincingly demonstrates that the Izapa monuments must be studied and interpreted as a whole, rather than try to read them individually or out of context. In addition, he masterfully demonstrates that Izapan artistic symbolism is just as highly developed a system of communication as the later hieroglyphic texts of the Maya, and a precursor to their development. Norman’s profound understanding of the underlying Mesoamerican theology of Izapa and related cultures uses the myth narratives of the Popol Vuh, sacred book of the K’iche’ Maya. Norman shows that the movements of the sun, moon, stars, and planets are about the cycles of life itself. This book will surely prove to be of great interest to anyone interested in the art, astronomy, and culture of ancient Mesoamerica.” Allen J. Christenson, Author of Popol Vuh, Literal Poetic Version, 2004. Professor of Humanities, BYU.  (272 pages. 300 + pictures) www.amazon.com

“The Parowan Gap is perhaps the most impressive archaeo-astronomical site in North America, being a ‘natural Stonehenge’ with numerous stone markers that were placed for astronomical sightings by Native Americans over a thousand years ago. Garth Norman has done a masterful, detailed analysis of the petroglyphs and markers.”

–Astronomer John P. Pratt, Ph.D., Research and publications of Ancient Calendars.

“This book is indispensable for any scholar, student, or amateur interested in North American archaeology, astronomy, and rock art.” –Art Historian C. Lance Harding, Ph.D., member of Kairos. 211 pages, photos or drawings of all Parowan Gap petroglyphs. www.amazon.com

NWAF: Izapa Sculpture Part 1 & 2 (1973 & 1976) by V. Garth Norman. Original Izapa publications. Original 1965 photos and descriptions. Together: $25.00 Order from:  vgarthnorman@gmail.com.

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